Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Golf, hauck-ptho

My boss saw me on my way to work today and offered to give me a ride, when we reached the parking lot, he went in his trunk to get a briefcase and was showing me his golf clubs, I asked if he plays often and he goes on to talk about he played yesterday and totally sucked and how he plays terrible everytime. Then I began thinking about how boring golf was and wondered why do people play it.

Sure it takes someone with geomtrical and mathematical fortitude to perform well in a golf match in order to understand wind speeds and all that physics stuff, but come on, how exciting is hitting a ball into a hole yards away, isn't that all it is? Correct me if I'm wrong. To me golf lacks excitment and that is why I'll never get caught playing it, you can't give a man a dummy in golf, there are no scrumhalves going blind on the left flank in golf, you can't dunk on anyone in golf. I'd love to work for a newspaper where I would be paid for my time so that I can interview people on why they play golf. That's one sport I would never play, even if I can afford to play it, it's just plain old boring, now don't get me wrong, I like games that allow me to think and solve minor problems like Golf does via comprehension of the height vs. length given the wind speed and all on one shot, but it's too time consuming and just the thought of it makes me want to yawn.

Maybe it's a social standard thing, kind of like buying a Lexus or a White Tiger or something (don't ask me), but whatever it is that makes you feel like saying "I'm rich beeyatch", go ahead, I don't think I'd be going too far to impress anybody by playing a sport that doesn't interest me the least bit, I can see myself being asked to play and turning down the offer in a polite manner (as opposed to saying "I'd rather light myself on fire and jump into the middle of a Pamplona Bull Run"). What I can't get is people who play it and aren't good at it, that is actually a dumb statement, I know, being a sports person, you never start off a superstar at any sport, when you're bad at something that's the challenge, you work on it until you improve, that challenge is what separate the wolf from the sheep and also reflects on your personality outside of sports which is one of the reasons why sport is beneficial anyway.

But we're not talking after-school football with the other neighbourhood kids, we're grown men making decisions. If you're not good at something and you hate it but you're just doing it for status, then to me you're just selling your soul slowly but surely, I plan on keeping mines, I'll need it for an appointment later on. If you're bad at something, at least be bad at something you love (and I hope working feverishly to improve).

Now Golf is the "Unofficial Sport of the Business World" and I do encourage all of you to partake in it if you have to (at least try to love it), but I'm sorry, let us discuss business in the coffe shop or something, that's just me, maybe I'll change and start playing it myself one day for the sake of socializing with executives but right now, give me a rugby ball and a t-shirt and we could talk business over a beer after the game.

Now on to a REAL sport, for all those that have been following the World Cup know that Trinidad and Tobago, the smallest nation to ever compete in the world famous quadrennial tournament, after some excellent performances against some of the biggest names in world soccer, have been knocked out of the World Cup, here is the latest post from Nicholas sent which was also sent in a forward to a facebook group dedicated to the Soca Warriors:

We as Trinbagonians are extremely proud of our Soca Warriors for a job well done at the World Cup in Germany 2006. Our boys fought well against all odds and exceeded all expectations.

We say thank you Warriors for representing T&T at its best, and uniting our people at a time when we need it the most.

To the rest of the world, see you in four years in South Africa, be ready!!!

"I'm a Soca Warrior, I say win or lose I am a Fighter!!!"

'Nuff said, hopefully I won't find something to blog about until Monday and can give you guys a review of the events that took place during DC Carnival, also check out the Taboo website, the must-go-to party for DC Carnival, to me you can miss the parade, but you can't miss Taboo, guidance.


Blogger Rick Ames said...

Obviously you've never "learned" what golf does to people. Can 30 million americans be so stupid to chase the little white ball? Until you've experienced the accomplishment of controlling a 1.68 inch high powered object with marksman precision over extremely long distances and direction with nothing but a stick, don't criticize the game. Anyone can kick a ball into a 60 foot goal. How many celebrity soccer games are on ABC? Other than entertaining all the immigrants in this country,watching soccer is a waste. soccer is the most boring spectator sport to watch. 90 minutes for what? 1 goal? I'd rather watch poker or dominos.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006 1:49:00 PM  
Blogger Kharim Ames said...

Firstly, you obviuosly never played soccer so I'm going to forgive you for thinking that it's "easy" to kick a ball into a goal which is actually 24 feet by 8 feet with a goalkeeper in it and 11 men trying to stop you on a 100 yard long pitch.

Secondly, your ancestors were immigrants in this country as well so have respect (regardless of your race unless you're American-Indian, no disrespect but your living in the western world I mean come on).

Thirdly, ABC is not the only sports channel on television in the world, in fact, you don't have access to all of the sports channels on television available worldwide, so maybe Football isn't big in the US, but thats only the US, the highest paid athlete in the US is Tiger Woods, marketing and endorsements aside (in the US that is), the World Cup's audience is larger than that of the Olympics, Football is the most dominant sport in the world, without a doubt. If you knew how to play a real contact sport, you can appreciate the skill and agility required to be prominent in Football, not soccer.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006 2:34:00 PM  
Blogger Kharim Ames said...

Oh btw, I appreciate the criticism, no offense taken.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006 3:00:00 PM  

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