Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Summertime, bah-humbug

Ahh yes, and I'm back, I know, it's been a long time since I've made an entry, just been really tied up recently.
I started my summer internship at Veris1gn, it's going okay except for the commute, 2 hours to and 2 hours from, if you add that to my 8 hour work day you'll realise that 12 hours out of my day is taking away from me and I'm left with about 4 hours to do home stuff if I expect to get 8 hours sleep (which has been a fantasy since the summer began).

But apart from that, the job's okay, the other DBAs here are always very busy, I'm on the same mailing lists as they are, they get no less than 300 emails a day and most of which are issues with troubleshooting databases and script errors, but I'm learning a lot, if I didn't know as much UNIX or Linux as I do I'd be lost but I'm getting around, recently I've been getting some bullshit assignments, well to me they are, so I'm just finishing them in next to nothing time and hoping I could get a chance to shadow the other DBAs to see exactly what they do that occupies their entire week like this (did I say they work on-call, yes weekends too, something I seriously have to consider if I want to come back here next year).

Administration stuff is cool, the company has really good benefits, but I don't think I can handle working on-call, what do I look like being in a bar at 3 in the morning and getting a call about some failed backup on a database and coming to the office half drunk trying to figure shit out. The vacation plan amongst others compensates for all that but I really treasure my after-work hours.

This is what any career guidance book will probably tell you ("Working While Black" by Michelle T. Johnson), a dream job shouldn't be based on it's earning potential but by how happy it makes you at the end of the day (I'm about my paper for the record, just so you'll know). This is true and I'm beginning to realise it every day I'm here, I have to ask myself do I want to be an admin for the next few years like these others guys, they do make the most out of every other title in the department (the parking lot looks like a BMW car show) but I don't want to be on-call, then again "Men gotta do men things for men salary" - Jay - Z, sacrifices have to be made sometimes, when it boils down to it, I don't mind being on-call, it's just one of those sacrifices we have to make as men in order to get where we want to be as well as be able to provide for the ones who matter the most to us after we pass 40 (yeah whatever, but I hope you see what I mean).

Maybe I'm not given enough incentives as yet since I'm only an intern and all, these other guys seem to be proud of their work, they also get mad paid time off as well, I guess thats the trade off, right now, I could care less since the work I'm doing now only impacts my division to some aspect, not like the other DBAs. In the end it boils down too... If I get an offer to come back here next year, it'll depend on if I have a car or not, because I'm not doing that commute for another summer without a car.

As I type this right now, Trinidad is 10 minutes away from its game with Paraguay, with one point on the table, if we beat Paraguay we have a chance to get into the second round, right now sweden's goal difference is 1 and T & T's is -2, you do the math, once we beat paraguay at least 2-0 and England beats Sweden at least 2-0, that'll put Sweden at a -1 GD, I know it's a lot to hope for but all you can do is hope sometimes. We're starting with Kelvin Jack in the post off his injury, I hope he'll perform like Hislop did in his stead, my brethren from way back Theobald on the field, Avery John back from sinbin, Dwight Yorke and Stern John in the front, we can win this. Then in Cologne, Eriksson is starting Rooney by popular demand, the crowd was literally calling for him to come on in the Trinidad game, England, please, get off his-nut to mention Sweden starting with Barcelona's own Larsson on the front. Let me stop before I get out of hand.

Thanks to Brandon I've been gassed on last.fm for the past month, its great, those who haven't really should try it, when I'm not listening to that I'm probably not breathing, just kidding, other than that I've been pumping MF DOOM ("ALL CAPS" when you spell the man name), he's funny, a little weird but a good emcee, spectacular beats, he even featured the characters from Adult Swim on the Danger Doom CD, it's funny listening to Master Shake try to persuade Danger Mouse to put him on the CD, another great listen out the dust is the Talib Kweli "Beautiful Struggle" CD, I know the CD came out about 2 years ago, but I haven't listened to the whole thing until yesterday, it's a great CD, no negativity whatsoever, really refreshing album, everyone needs to hear it.

DC Carnival this weekend, so you know yuh boy gonna be drunk like a fish the whole weekend, I'll talk about those events next time.


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